Lincoln Navigator 2003-2006 Air Suspension Parts Diagrams

The 2003 to 2006 Lincoln Navigator Air Spring Bag Strut Assembly is an Air Suspension System in which the Air Spring Bag and Strut works as a unit. All four Air Spring Bag Strut Assemblies have Solenoids attached at the top mount to let the air in or out of the bags. The Air Suspension Compressor receives the message from the Control Module and the system is inflated. Four wheel Coil Over Strut Conversion Kits are an effective method available to eliminate the Air Suspension without compromising ride quality. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Lincoln Navigator 2003-2006 Air Ride Suspension System

Air Spring Bag Struts Suspension Systems

Lincoln Navigator 2003-2006 Suspension Diagram

Air Spring Bag Struts Suspension Systems

In this air system you have an air spring bag strut assembly. The struts are covered with an air spring bag that is inflated with air by an onboard compressor. The Air Suspension Compressor turns on to fill the air bag strut, the solenoid attached to the air bag strut closes when the bag has been filled to the proper height. All of this is possible with the help of a control module. The control module works like the brain of the system, and tells the compressor to come on as needed.

Lincoln Navigator 2003-2006 Air Suspension Conversion System

Air Spring Bag Struts to Coil Over Struts

Lincoln Navigator 2003-2006 Suspension Conversion Diagram

Air Spring Bag Struts to Coil Over Strut Conversion

Eliminating the air suspension on your vehicle is an easy procedure that can be preformed within a couple of hours. Deflate the air bags, remove the air strut assembly, and replace it with the coil over strut assembly. The solenoids need to stay connected to the Electrical connector and tied back. Once the conversion kit is installed the vehicle will return to factory height, there will no longer be a need for the air compressor.

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The Navigator Suspension systems are the softest on the road. That comes at a price. When the Navigator Shocks or the Navigator air springs go out. The car is nearly impossible to drive. Suncore provides all the solutions for your air suspension repair. Whether you maintain the air suspension. Or, if you convert to one of our Navigator Conversion kits. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!