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About Suncore Industries Air Suspensin Parts
Suncore Industries Inc... Who are we?

Suncore Industries is Open from 9AM to 8PM Monday -Saturday
9AM to 8PM Mon-Sat

We would like you to know that our base of operations is located in Pompano Beach, Florida, and was established as a business in 2000. 

Although being in business since 2000 may seem like a short period of time,
the manufacturing and assembly of air & non-air suspension parts is a new idea. 
SUNCORE has been a member of the Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA) since 2000.

Our Quality & Reliability results continue to be maintained at a 99.9% success rate across our entire Product Line.  Consequently, we offer the longest warranties of any other similar product manufacturer, INCLUDING the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).  We are car owners too, and can understand how frustrating it can be when a part fails to perform up to its prescribed expectations.
Incidentally, if it was not for our ownership of a Lincoln Continental, we would have continued to build Pro Street Show Cars.

Our mission is to provide you with the Quality, Service, & Technical Support that you expect and deserve, as you move toward the automotive solution you seek.  To that end, our website is designed to allow you to gain easy access to the parts solutions that you need, but we also know & feel that verbal communication should never be completely replaced.  Therefore, there is always someone at SUNCORE to receive your call without having to require you to go through an automated menu.  We are here to answer any questions you have, again suggesting that we are like you, trying to view our business through your eyes.

Trust is a value that can easily be lost without attention to focus, and commitment to the strongest standards of ideal Quality & Service objectives.  We wish to be able to deserve your Trust, earn your Business, and always remember what it means to maintain it and exceed your expectations.

Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this note.  We hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate our product capabilities to you through servicing your automotive needs.  We stand by our Products & Services.  Words without effective product performance might be understood, by some, to be somewhat meaningless & without real value.

With our continuing commitment to Quality & Service,


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As A new father I needed a Nice Family ride so I bought a 98 Expedition then the air bags ripped I look forward to getting my conversion kit and know after reading all the excellent reviews I can count on Suncore. Thanks guys you are appreciated! Chris Knox AHRMA Class Racer
Chris Knox, Wed Nov 16, 2011
I replaced the OEM struts on the front of a Cadillac Seville. OEM replacements were about $1000 each. I purchased a pair of replacements and resistors for about $400. They fit right in, work well, and the resistors shut off the suspension warning light. Overall, the change was very easy. The cost is about 75% less and they seem to work as well, or better than the OEM. I couldn’t be happier, unless I didn’t have to replace them in the first place.
Robert A., Thu Sep 23, 2010
Thank You for offering both O.E.M.type, and replacement non-air ride at seamingly low cost, to a problem that should have Been a Recall. I have seen great, nice maintained low-milage cars with blown out bags, best regards Jon.C.
Jon.C, Sat May 15, 2010