Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Parts Diagrams

The 1998 to 2002 Lincoln Navigator air suspension consists of two Rear Air Spring Bags, and two rear Gas Shocks. At the front of the vehicle are Gas Shocks on 4x2 models or Air Shocks on 4x4 models that are filled with air by an Air Suspension Compressor. Two Height Sensors at the front and one in the rear tell the Control Module when to send a signal to the Air Suspension Compressor and fill the system. An Air Suspension System can be removed and replaced with one of many Suncore Industries Suspension conversion kits that are on hand. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Lincoln Navigator Air Ride Suspension System

Air Spring Bags & Air Shock Suspension Systems

Ford Expedition 1997-2002 Suspension Diagram

Air Spring Bags & Air Shock Suspension Systems

Functions of this air suspension system: the two air spring bags, located at the rear of the vehicle, are inflated with air when the system recognizes a change. The system works as a unit to maintain ride height as the vehicle is in motion. A height sensor sends a message to the control module that the height of the vehicle is incorrect. Control module will power the air compressor on, in order to fill the air spring bags. Solenoids located at the top of the air bags allow the air to flow in and out of the bags as needed. The same will apply to the air shocks at the front of the vehicle, although there are no solenoids, the system acknowledges the change. Also located at the rear are gas shocks, these pressurized gas shocks help the vehicles suspension ride. Good for at least 50,000 miles these gas shocks should be changed to ensure good ride quality.

Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion System

Air Spring Bags & Air Shocks to Coils

Ford Expedition 1997-2002 Suspension Conversion Diagram

Air Spring Bags & Air Shocks to Coil Suspension Conversion

Converting your vehicle from air suspension to a coil spring kit is an easy process that does not require any modifications to the vehicle. Taking the place of the air spring bags will be the coil springs specifically designed to fit the vehicles suspension. For good ride quality gas shocks should be replace as well. Every vehicle can be different, but most gas shocks last up to 50,000 miles and can affect the suspension. In the front of the vehicle the air shocks will be replaced by coil over shocks. Keep in mind that if you do convert to a coil conversion kit, the old air system will still need to be in place for electronic purposes.

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Navigator Air Suspension Parts and Conversion Kits Source

The Navigator Suspension systems are the softest on the road. That comes at a price. When the Navigator Shocks or the Navigator air springs go out. The car is nearly impossible to drive. Suncore provides all the solutions for your air suspension repair. Whether you maintain the air suspension. Or, if you convert to one of our Navigator Conversion kits. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!