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Lincoln Navigator & Ford Expedition Air Suspension Diagnosis & Troubleshooting

Owning a Ford Expedition or Lincoln Navigator can come with a few issues, and in this week's blog we will tackle some of the more common problems with the air suspension in these vehicles. Take a few minutes and learn about your air suspension before attempting to repair your vehicle's faulty air ride.

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Identifying and Diagnosing Z55 Autoride Suspensions

Owning a vehicle with the Z55 Autoride suspension can be confusing, especially when it comes to the cost of repair and replacement parts. This week's blog will discuss how to identify, diagnose and repair these types of suspensions.

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2003 to 2009 Hummer H2

The 2003 to 2009 Hummer H2 with the rear air suspension can be quite a comfortable ride, however, it does come with its share of problems. This week’s blog will discuss how to restore your H2’s air suspension and converting over to a less costly coil springs.

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2004 to 2010 Jaguar XJ Suspension Conversion

So you’ve gotten the dreaded “Air Suspension Fault” or “Vehicle Too Low” warnings on the dash of your Jaguar XJ series. You don’t want to hand over thousands of dollars to the dealer just for them to diagnose and hopefully repair some fault in your air suspension. Suncore has just the solution for you with our Air to Coil Spring Conversion Kit. 

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1990 - 1997 Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension Troubleshooting

There are still many 2nd generation Lincoln Town Cars on the road today, and for the most part, the owners are still very much in love with their vehicle; however hate forking over hundreds of dollars just to keep the air suspension working. With a read of this week’s blog and a purchase of our Suncore parts, you can have your Town Car riding like a dream in under a couple of hours while saving you those hundreds of dollars. 

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Mercedes-Benz W220 S Class Airmatic Air Suspension Diagnosis

Seeing the ‘Airmatic Visit Workshop!’ or ‘Airmatic Stop, Car Too Low!’ warning messages can be quite frightening for many Mercedes-Benz S-Class owners, and a trip to the dealer or mechanic to repair your W220 can be costly when their suggestion is replacing the entire Airmatic system. This week’s blog will help you diagnose and pinpoint those frightening air suspension issues and give you the knowledge you need before you pay for repairs. 

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